Stereo Master Players and Recorders 

Product Prices
Alesis PalmTrack Handheld SD Recorder From: $76.91
Alesis VideoTrack Handheld Video and Audio Recorder From: $44.95
Boss CBCD2E Case for CD2E From: $59.00
Boss Micro BR BR-80 Digital Recorder From: $299.00
Denon DNC615 Rackmount CD Player with Digital Output From: $299.39
Denon DNF650R Solid State USB Digital Recorder From: $799.00
Edirol CS15 Cardioid Stereo Microphone Kit for R09 From: $84.99
Edirol OPR09HRP Carrying Pouch for R09HR From: $19.99
Edirol OPR09HRS Silicone Rubber Case for R09HR From: $15.49
EZ Dupe EZD10MP DVD/CD Marker Pen Set From: $3.95
EZ Dupe EZDTPBU Thermal Cartridge From: $11.95
EZ Dupe EZDTPBU Thermal Cartridge From: $12.95
EZ Dupe USB Series USB Duplicator From: $599.00
iKey Audio RM3 Rackmount Digital Audio Recorder From: $199.99
Ion Audio FILM2SD 35mm Film and Slide Scanner From: $79.99
Ion Audio PICS2SD Photo Slide and Film Scanner From: $114.45
Ion Audio PICS2SD Photo Slide and Film Scanner From: $129.99
Ion Audio Tape Express Cassette to USB Player From: $44.88
Ion Audio Tape2PC USB Cassette Deck From: $79.00
Ion Audio Twin Video Dual-Lens Handheld Video Camera From: $49.00
Korg MR2 High Resolution Mobile Recorder From: $499.00
Korg Sound on Sound Unlimited Track Recorder From: $149.99
M-Audio MicroPack Carry Bag for the MicroTrack From: $69.95
Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Recorder From: $399.00
Marantz PMD660 Professional Solid State Recorder From: $399.00
Marantz PMD661 Professional Portable Field Recorder From: $599.00
Olympus LS-20M Handheld HD Audio and Video Recorder From: $208.90
Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder From: $135.99
Olympus TRPLS-10 LS Series Recorder Tripod From: $49.95
Roland CD-2i SD and CD Recorder From: $489.99
Roland R-05 Digital Handheld Recorder From: $199.00
Roland R-26 Portable Recorder From: $499.00
SKB 3IEDIR09 Waterproof Case for Edirol R09HR From: $39.99
SKB 3ISONPCMM10 Waterproof Case for Sony PCMM10 From: $39.99
SKB 3IZOOH2 Waterproof Case for Zoom H2 From: $59.99
SKB 3IZOOH4 Waterproof Case for Zoom H4 From: $59.95
SKB 3IZOOH4N Waterproof Case for Zoom H4N From: $49.95
SKB 3IZOOQ3 Waterproof Case for Zoom Q3 From: $43.99
Sony ADPCM1 Wind Screen for PCMD50 From: $43.95
Sony PCMD50 96kHz/24bit PCM Recorder With USB From: $424.96
Sony PCMM10 Portable Audio Recorder From: $229.00
Sony RMPCM1 Wired Remote Control for PCMD50 From: $39.95
Sony VCTPCM1 Tripod Stand for PCMD50 From: $59.95
Tascam 202mkV Professional Dual Cassette Deck From: $309.00
Tascam AKDR1 Accessory Kit for DR1 and GTR1 From: $43.95
Tascam BB1000CD Portable CD and SD Recorder From: $384.95
Tascam BB800 Portable Digital Recorder From: $275.00
Tascam BD-R2000 HD, Blu-ray, and DVD Recorder From: $2,199.99
Tascam BPL2 Battery Pack for DR1 and GTR1 From: $34.95
Tascam CC222SLmkII CD and Cassette Recorder From: $459.00