Don't Forget About Making Real Music

These days, anything is possible. We have invented cellular phones, LCD TVs, Blu Ray, the advent of laptops and broadband internet. There's no stopping the advancement of technology.

Every year it seems like there is something new that comes out of the market. Like the ever popular iPhone; people can't seem to get enough of them. In another topic, kids and adults alike are going crazy over games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Sure it's a swell game. It provides you with good and clean fun for your friends and for your family. These games, quite frankly, are a success. They have generated revenues for their developers and have certainly lived up to all the hype built up around them.

If you're a fan of South Park, you may know a thing or two about what we're talking about. There was this one episode of South Park where they featured the game Guitar Hero. Stan's dad, a musically talented person, actually knew how to play a song that was featured in the game. The only sad part about this here is that the children in South Park didn't really care about knowing how to actually play the song. All they wanted to do was win big in the game. It's important that we know where this music comes from; we should never forget about music.

1. Think about the music and ask yourself if you want to become a musician.

Music is not just rap and hip-hop. It's a form of art. It's a tasteful combination of several instruments like guitars, drums, and pianos. Music inspires the soul. It helps us get through the toughest of times and yet it also helps us enjoy the best of our times. Music is truly a powerful voice in this world. To see this fade away would truly be a tragedy. Less kids are now interested about playing instruments because they have found an easier way to rock out – playing video games that make them feel like they're rock stars. Playing a game and playing an instrument are two entirely different things. Creating real music and not relying on a program to generate a sound for you is truly a wonderful sight to see.

2. Foster your talent and don't let it deteriorate over time

If you love playing music and you love music, don't let your talent fade away. Every famous musician has always started out from scratch. It's just a matter of who wants to make something better that separates those who are now famous for their work and those who don't try to create something beautiful out of the talents that they have. If you have a guitar at home, use it. Who knows you could create the next hit song heard over the radio? Dream big. There's nothing wrong about having ambition in your life. It's what drives you. Don't just settle for being the top scorer in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Play the music, love it and live it.

3. If you're a big fan of such video games, try playing out the songs in them.

Don't let your interest in music be limited to just that. Know about what makes music. If you truly are interested, perhaps learning how to play a real instrument could make you even happier than you already are. Who knows, maybe someday you could play out your favorite song just as well as your favorite artists do.