Four Places To Find Great Music

Have you ever listened to the radio and wondered where all this great music is coming from? More importantly, where you can actually get your hands on this music?

There are all sorts of places that you can get music from and, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is your local record store. However, if you are a true music buff, you will find that there are other places where you can get great music short of recording your own songs as well. Here are some places that you can keep your ear on to satisfy your musical hunger.

• Garage Sales – Yes, your neighbor might be holding a sale right now. In fact, make sure that you keep your ear out for any kind of yard sale or garage sale. You will usually find that there are some great albums on vinyl or recorded on CD that are being sold at sales.

Sometimes, you will be able to find a very rare item that you cannot find at a record store anymore. This is why it is great to look at the record stash of other people who do hold these kinds of sales. You just might find some of the best to complete your collection.

• The Internet – It has been said time and again that the Internet is a haven for pirated music and this is a very unfortunate thing. But you can still find really great music without risking getting arrested. There are services like Amazon's store or the iTunes store that is handled by Apple where you can buy some really great hits.

The great thing about the Internet and services that take advantage of it is that you can buy either single songs or whole albums. Then you can plug them into your iPod or other mp3 player so that you can bring it around with you. This is also the main advantage that mp3s and other digital music formats have over conventional music storage like CDs, tapes and vinyls.

• Concerts – Been to a great concert lately? Sometimes you will find people selling off CDs at the concerts. Many of these people are probably from starting bands or those who just want to share their talent for writing music.

The point is that you might be stumbling on a future great by purchasing CDs at a concert. You just never know that the people you meet will one day become one of the most sought after artists in the industry.

• Recording studios – Not a lot of recording studios sell music CDs but there are a select few that actually turn their studio into a store as well. These independent stores/studios will help the artists that they support to sell their music and in turn the artists can make even more music and perhaps get signed to a more prestigious studio or label that will market them further.

Support your local music so that you can give these musicians a chance to enjoy the music they write and also give them the opportunity to continue writing great music.