The Seven Benefits Of Music

You have been hearing lots of things about music. Music has been considered one of the greatest discoveries of man, and probably one of our most treasured blessings. It has existed since any of us can ever remember. Many love music, whether they just listen, or produce music. Unknown to many of these music lovers, music has more to offer than the satisfaction we get from its lilting melodies. Listed below are some of the many benefits we are able to obtain from music.

• It has been proven that early exposure to music can lead to better development of the brain. Music has been known to have a link with our spatial intelligence. Aside from that, those who receive more exposure, such as being subjected to musical training, are likely to receive more of its benefits. This is because musical training develops the left portion of our brain. This portion is the part that is responsible for processing languages. Being trained musically also helps make us better in the association of objects, persons, and events.

• Music somehow awakens in us a sense of creativity. Though we are mostly unaware that this is happening, some are able to identify with this creativity and use this newfound sense. From this, many are able to make, produce, and imagine other forms of music.

• Because of music, we are able to traverse through different cultures that produce a different kind of music. Through their music, we now have a glimpse at the culture, traditions, and ways of life of others. And through music, we are given the chance to understand other races and cultures more. Because of this, we are able to empathize and be compassionate to people who may be slightly different from us.

• Music is capable of being an outlet of release! When you have pent up emotions inside of you, one way of releasing this is through music. Happiness, sadness, exasperation, desperation, and many other feelings we want to let go of can be channeled through music. It not only gives you a chance to calm down. This release is also quite good for your health.

• Music is a way of expressing yourself, which everybody needs to do once in a while.

• Music also benefits us socially. We hang out with people we have similar musical interests with, see the points of view of others whose tastes differ from ours, and learn from those who are masters in this field. Again, we are unknowingly reaping more of the benefits music has to offer. Because of it, we are becoming part of a social circle. We are socializing with different individuals who share a common passion.

• Music provides the perfect pastime. When we are bored, tired, or want to relax, we turn to music to provide us with the entertainment and excitement we need. We listen to music, and we try and make music. And before we know it, we have passed the time.

We are lucky enough that there are now numerous instruments for us to play with and dozens of new machines that technology has developed for our use. The field of music is becoming bigger

and much better. Because of these added accessories, who knows how many more benefits from music we may still be capable of getting.