Eight Violin Care Tips

Violinists are not easy to find and this is probably because playing the violin takes a lot of skill, talent and dedication. In addition, the violin doesn't come cheap too which should be enough reason for someone to take good care of it. Here are some violin care tips that can surely help you keep your violin in tip top shape.

1. Your violin is not water friendly so as much as possible keep it away from water. Do not store your violin in areas where it is most likely to get wet. Keep it away from windows.

When you are using it, do not place it next to a glass of water, glass of wine or any form of beverage. Water or liquid can damage the wood of the violin and it can also affect the strings.

2. The bow is for the violin only. Without the bow, the violin is useless. It is utterly impossible to play a violin without the bow. So do not use it on anything else like slapping something using it.

Do not use it to get something from high places. In addition, do not place it just anywhere. The bow may look sturdy but it is fragile and it can also break.

3. Do not store your violin in areas where extreme temperature can take place. For example, do not place your violin near the fireplace or a heater; the heat can damage your violin as well as weaken the strings. In addition, do not store your violins where the extreme cold can take place. Constant changes in temperature can cause your violin to fall apart eventually.

4. One of the best ways to store your violin is to place it inside a good quality storage case. If your violin doesn't come with a case, you can always buy a violin case at any music shop. The case will serve as protection for your violin. Most violins that get damaged are those left stored without a case.

5. Clean your violin after each use. When cleaning, do not forget to wipe the bow hair to remove the rosin. Too much rosin or leaving rosin on the bow hair can also be damaging. Use a soft cloth like an old shirt or any cloth that you can buy at a music store when wiping. Do not scrub it or use any abrasive material when cleaning your violin.

6. The violin can be a very delicate instrument so as much as possible avoid letting anyone handle it much more play with it. The violin should only be handled by individuals who know how to handle it like your violin instructor, a fellow violinist and of course you. Keep your violin away from children because they might end up breaking the string or worse breaking the violin itself.

7. If your violin gets out of tune and you are still on the process of learning, avoid tuning it yourself. Do not turn the pegs and attempt to get your violin in tune if you barely know how to do it because the strings are fragile and can break easily.

8. Avoid bumping your instrument on hard objects with or without the case. This can result to dents or worse, breaks on your violin.