Six Piano Care Tips

The piano may look tough and sturdy but you also have to take into consideration the strings located on the inside. In due time, the piano can get out of tune and the strings can get all rusty and fragile. So if you want your piano to last longer, here are some care tips you should bear in mind.

1. Do not place your piano near a window. Draft and rain can get through the window and this can damage the finish. Remember that your piano is usually made from wood so water is really not its best friend. If your piano gets constantly wet, your piano will eventually break down.

2. Do not forget to clean your piano. Cleaning your piano on a regular basis will keep dust from building up. When cleaning the wood, use a soft, damp cloth. Do not use any household cleaning products because this can damage your piano's finish so it is best that you consult your dealer first.

Wipe the keys using the same cloth you used to clean the body or you can also use a feather duster. If you want to reach and clean every nook and cranny, use a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner.

3. If you are no expert in tuning the piano, do not attempt to tune it on your own. It is advisable that you tune your piano on a regular basis to keep its sound quality. When it is time to tune your piano, always have an expert piano tuner or technician to do the tuning.

Tuning your piano on a regular basis like once or twice a year or every time you notice it going out of tune will keep it sounding new. Do not ever ignore this part of your piano maintenance.

4. Your piano is not a cabinet or a display shelf so avoid putting anything on top of it. Vases are a big no-no especially when you put live flowers on it because it can spill anytime. Not only does water damage the exterior, it can also damage the strings.

In addition, avoid placing picture frames and other items on your piano because this can scratch the finish. It is of utmost importance that you keep your piano exterior as pristine as possible because scratches are really not a sight to behold.

5. Do not attempt to do piano repairs on your own. No matter how expensive and how well built your piano is, time will certainly take its toll on it most especially if your piano is well used. So in case you notice any defects, do not ever attempt to repair it yourself. It may look easy but you can't really risk making some mistakes because it can cost you more than you expect. In case you notice some slight defects, call the recommended piano technician and have it repaired.

6. When not in use, do not forget to put down or close the lid. Doing this will keep dust from building up and lodging in between the keys and strings which can also cause your piano to get out of tune.

If you want your piano to last long take very good care of it.